Live from the “Calendar of the Soul” – our version of a “Monday Quote”, written by Dr. Rudolf Steiner for this very week, one hundred years ago. He inspired the life and the work of Dr. Rudolf Hauschka, but also the ideas of Demeter organic farming and Waldorf education. Even today, here at Dr. Hauschka many of us are still inspired by his words. Have a wonderful week, going your own way with verse no. 07: 'Mein Selbst, es drohet zu entfliehen, Vom Weltenlichte mächtig angezogen. Nun trete du mein Ahnen In deine Rechte kräftig ein, Ersetze mit des Denkens Macht, Das in der Sinne Schein Sich selbst verlieren will.' #drhauschkalive
Live from our medicinal herb garden - it's all about rhythm. Our products are produced by using a rhythmic extraction procedure to give skin the care it needs during life's rhythms. After all, the quote "rhythm carries life" by Rudolf Steiner is what sparked the creation of Dr. Hauschka skincare in the first place. With every Sunday post, you can witness the rhythms of our garden, watching it change as the days, months and seasons go by. The changes might be subtle or spectacular ones, but whatever the weather, our garden is never standing still and is guided by its own rhythm. Have a happy Sunday.
Live from Cannes – tonight we are celebrating German Film at Villa Rothschild. Together with our friends @lottermannfuentes we are starting the #cleanbeautyrevolution in film. @germanfilms @drhauschkafrance @lottermannfuentes
Live from Eckwälden - delicate yet strong: our Rose Day Cream Light. The ideal all-day companion for sensitive, as well as normal, dry and irritated skin. Precious rose water, rose wax and extracts of rose are the key ingredients, that calm and balance the skin. While organic avocado, sesame, almond and wheat germ oils hydrate and moisturise. Tip: If you like to use a heavier, rich Day Care in winter, this might be the perfect solution for summer.
Live from our 28-day-challenge - witch hazel is a plant that likes to change things up a bit. It blooms in autumn, while the fruits don't mature until the following late summer so that fruits and flowers appear at the same time. It also has, not surprisingly, a full list of healing powers: it is astringent, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant. It is also used for poorly healing wounds, vein care, hemorrhoids and to treat period pains and heavy menstrual bleeding. And last, but not least, we extract it #thedrhauschkaway and use it in our Ampoules, the Renewing Night Conditioner and Sensitive Care Conditioner.
Live from Berlin - we love to be featured in the Fashion Story *The single woman* in Luxiders Magazine showcasing fair fashion and our Natural Cosmetics. Eco-linen blouse and skirt by @workingtitlestudios. Hat made in berlin from wheat bast by @fionabennettofficial. Eco-friendly vegan lace-up high heel boots by @beyondskin. Silver earrings by @pulvajewelry. Various birthstonerings with different crytals by @diezsaskia. @luxiders_magazine make-up & hair: using Dr. Hauschka photographer: @mariadominikaphotography stylist: @vegan.stylist model: @naomijanumala
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